Mollyockett Chapter of Trout Unlimited To Conserve, Protect and Restore North America's Coldwater Fisheries and Their Watersheds
Chronicle 2017

The Mollyockett Chapter of Trout Unlimited taught a 4-week course for women with instruction on fly tying, lead by Master Maine Guide John Wight and expert tier Jim Yarasitis. Flies tied during the first two weeks of class included the following: Golden Retrievers, Wooly Buggers, Black Ghosts and Soft Hackle Beadheads. This spring, the TU branch will continue to offer introductory classes on fly fishing, including casting instruction and stream tactics. FMI contact Mac McGinley at


Mollyockett TU hosted two public events in 2013 that included education on fly fishing and keeping our waterways clean and safe.


● Rod McGarry, Fly Fishing Guide and Coach

“Fly Fishing: Tough & Tactical or Easy & Innovative”


● Dylan Voorhees, NRCM – “Tar Sands in Maine

MCTU Fishin' Camp at Fryeburg Fair, 2013

Here's the gang after finishing assembly of our 'fishin' camp' in the Natural Resources building at the Fryeburg Fair. From left to right: booth designer Jim (Yaz) Yarisitis, Dick Walthers, Steve Wight and Lee Margolin. Thanks you guys. See you upta' camp!

Sand bags were then transported by rowboat to beaver dam near pond outlet (behind boulder sticking out of water near center of picture).

Beaver dam where sand bags were offloaded from the rowboat. Sand bags were then transferred by hand-walked canoe across pool below beaver dam, offloaded and finally hand carried to outlet (center of photo at tree line).

Gravel pit where sand bags for the temporary dam at the pond outlet were filled.

Abbotts Pond Reclamation,  September 2013

Sept 5 and 6, 2013 - Many thanks to Mollyockett volunteers: Lee Margolin, Steve Wight and Jim Yarasitis

DIF&W ATV transports sand bags to public landing on pond.

Sand bags at staging area on pond. Not a bad place to be working.

Beginning construction of dam at outlet. The application of roetenone will be performed next week.

One of two bridges that had to be repaired before the caravan could proceed to the pond.