Mollyockett Chapter of Trout Unlimited To Conserve, Protect and Restore North America's Coldwater Fisheries and Their Watersheds

TU Embrace-A-Stream Grant Aldrich Brook, Parkertown TWP

This is a joint venture between Mollyockett and Sebago Trout Unlimited Chapters.



Swett Brook Dam Removal in Waterford, August 2013

The Mollyockett Chapter of Trout Unlimited is currently supporting conservation efforts on Swett Brook and Aldrich Brook. MCTU members have donating man hours to improve fish passage on both of these waterways.




Little Androscoggin River Clean-up South Paris/Oxford

MCTU's recent clean up of the Little Androscoggin River from the Billings Dam to the Paris Utility District's settling ponds. Many thanks to chapter members Dick Walthers and Marc Bilodeau. Also thanks to University of Maine 4H Camp at Bryant Pond's Ron Fournier, Bill and Naomi (I can't remember your last names, sorry!) and Naomi's brother, Devon. Thanks also to OHCHS student Nicholas Allen and the kids from the Oxford Hills Middle School.Here's Lee's canoe filled with garbage and tires, towing four floating tires behind. Not too manuverable, but it got the job done!

Sunday River Log Driving Dam Removal, Riley Township

Panther Run LLS Egg Take, Raymond, Maine

On November 13, 2013, the annual landlocked salmon egg take was conducted at the DIF&W's facility on Panther Run in Raymond, Maine. Mollyockett Chapter members Scott Stone, Jim Yarasitis, and Lee Margolin were in attendance. Notable was the fact that a film crew from Animal Planet's reality series "North Woods Law" was there to film Warden Tim Spahr as he 'volunteered' to help. Also in attendance were DIF&W Commissioner Woodcock, regional biologists Francis Brautigam and Jim Pellerin, as well as representatives from the Sebago Chapter of TU and the Sebago Lake Anglers Assoc. Following the event, Mollyockett members Jim and Lee took part in a short field training session in spotting SSL redds by Jim Pellerin that they would put to good use later that week on Swett Brook in Waterford.

A DIF&W biologist is about to pass a LLS up to Warden Spahr as filming proceeds.

Warden Tim Spahr getting last minute instructions as a member of the North Woods Law film crew sets up the shot.

Warden Spahr putting the squeeze on a LLS as the film crew moves in for a close-up.

DIF&W regional biologist Jim Pellerin weighs a LLS prior to release as Mollyockett Chapter members Jim Yarasitis (white hat with sunglasses) and Scott Stone (blaze orange hat) observe.

Swett Brook LLS Redd Count, Waterford, Maine

Underwater view of redd.

A spent LLS less than 10' downstream from the redd.

On November 16, 2014, Jim Yarasitis and Lee Margolin participated in a count of land locked salmon redds in Swett Brook in Waterford, Maine. A dam was removed from Swett Brook this spring and Maine DIF&W wanted to know if any migration upstream of the old dam site had occurred. Lee and Jim participated in the redd count with members of the Sebago chapter of TU and the Sebago Lake Anglers Assoc. While there were only a couple of redds above the removed dam, there were many redds and fish identified below. Stream levels were very low and probably contributed to the low number of redds in the newly accessible portion of the brook.

Lee Margolin pointing to the location of a LLS Redd above the site of the recently removed dam on Swett Brook in Waterford, across the road from the Portland Pipeline Co. pumping station.